Google Keyword Planner Direct Link

Google Keyword Planner Direct Link

So you are trying to get to the Google Keyword Planner and all you are getting is that pesky "first campaign page" ? :O

Let's fix this! :)

First sign into the AdWords account. When you are on the "first campaign page", paste the following link into your address bar:
and enter.

It will ask you few questions, answer them and click continue. You will land on this page below. Click Tool and Keyword Planner

And Bingo!

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Leave us a comment below if you found another way to get to it as well, because we want to know!!! :)

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7 Reasons You Shouldn't Join MAP (My Advertising Pays)

In this growing online world of opportunities, I like to twist things a little bit, so I came up with this article, 7 Reasons "Why, oh why", you shouldn't join My Advertising Pays. But I warn you, this is not your usually type of article ;-)

Reason #1

The company has been around since Dec 2013, and is still up, still running & paying; kicking and alive! I don't know anyone who would like such a stable company! ;-) (hint hint) Hehe.

Reason #2

You accumulate and are issued profit (no fixed %) in your account every 20 mins,7 days a week, 24 hours a day!! Ouch! That's too often to handle! I prefer my bank, it doesn't pay me very often..... ;)

Well, and if you think about it, that's more than the stock market in certain cases! Most definitively less risky than the stock market, as your earned profit (what you have accumulated) never goes down but always up. It doesn't play Yo-yo.


Reason #3

The owner has proven to be honest and standing by his words, he is still around running the business, he's fixed the glitches each time there's been some and he has a team (staff) supporting him and us,  managing the business. This is not a one-guy company anymore which is VERY important: one guy cannot tend to everything when a company is that big.


Reason #4
The IT support team answers the support tickets in a rather quick manner. You won't be waiting for 4 days before you receive an answer. I once had my account reverted to 0 pack, 0 earnings. I was like.. "that's a glitch..!" So I placed a ticket, and it was fixed within 24 hours, all my numbers and profit back :-)

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

Reason #5
It's a success company. Many, many, members have reached income levels unseen before! For many, MAP was their Break Through Online, a status they were never able to reach before! And no matter if you have referrals or not, you can reach that too. Some faster than others, but the company has proven to be stable and hasn't disappeared meanwhile! 
All you need is 49.99$ to start, the first month is free!! Than you can pick the cheapest annual membership for 24.99$/year. That's it, and you will start receiving profit every 20 mins! That's 72 times a day, 504 times a week!

Reason #6
In case you don't know, if a company uses Paypal as a choice of payment, they are in for a rough ride and can hit a brick wall anytime, because Paypal uses certain rules which are very tough on companies such as MAP and they can decide to freeze the company's funds ANYTIME, therefore preventing the company from paying us!! :-( 
This is why MAP has decided to go with a privately own payment processor (VX Gateway) and doesn't run into issues like companies who choose to use Paypal. The funds, the money, MAP's cash... doesn't get Freeze!

Reason #7
First month membership is free. You get the chance to try out the full system, see if you like it and then decide which membership you want (necessary to earn profit). There are 3 levels of paid memberships!

So really, these are the reasons why you shouldn't join My Advertising Pays, and I hope I have convinced you!! :-P haha, If I did not, well you can click the link Here, or the banner underneath and create your free account right away! ;-) I'll be happy to answer your questions should you have any :-)

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Now I'm off to enjoying this day and my passive income ;-)

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